07 Mai

Vulcano Mt Bromo

During a customer visit I got the chance to see the Tengger Caldera in Java Indonesia. I was very lucky to catch a day where the Caldera was not covered by fog as usual. So I could shoot some pictures during sunrise.

The customer provided a car and driver brought me from the hotel in Malang up to Tengger National Park. I had to pay the night and food for the driver, but that was very economic.

The Hotel in the Park was very simple, but for one night, who cares. At least it was clean and the food was ok. In the evening I met a group of dutch tourists which had the same destiny for the next day. But they had to take a Offroad Bus, whereas I was on my own in the Toyota Offroader.

The tour from the hotel to the Bromo itself started a 3 o’clock in the morning to get a good position for the sunrise. Hundreds of others had the same idea, it was pretty crowded.

Upper picture: Mt. Bromo in the middle and Semeru in the Back. Bromo is 2329m above sealevel, whereas Semeru is the highest mountain on Java with 3676 m

Middle picture: the Offroader we used

Lower picture: a group of students with teacher who insisted to be photographed with a „Longnose“